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We are not alone on the diamond sea

I’ve been meaning to write about supporting My Brightest Diamond in November last year. It was such a special evening for me and one of the highlights of my year. Actually, I think it probably was the highlight. I had supported Shara several years before at the Slaughtered Lamb and she had been very kind and supportive. She had given me her email address but I had never dared to use it. In a moment of uncharacteristic boldness, when I heard she was playing for The Local in London, I emailed and asked if I could be the support. I didn’t really expect it to be that simple but she replied and said yes!

The gig went well - just me and Sam singing in the beautiful space of St Giles. It was really wonderful to have Sam by my side. It is a pleasure to sing with her and she gave me much needed moral support before we played.

Miss Samantha Whates and me in mid song. Photo by Francis Booth

For me the most memorable part of the evening was getting to talk more to Shara and see her perform. It was one of those evenings where I was close to tears on several occasions. It was captivating. Afterwards she was very supportive of me. To get praise from one of your musical heroines is maybe the best validation you can get and the words and advice that she gave me will definitely help carry me through times of musical self doubt. We need those moments as musicians where we know someone really gets what we are doing and tells us to continue. I feel the words she gave me are too much for me to write down and it also wouldn’t be right to share them. But they really boosted me. My closest friends came out to support me that night too which all added to a magical evening.

My Brightest Diamond’s beautiful mask


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